Professional, Quality Roofing

Brought to you by Enhanced Roofing Services

Professional Workman

We are a company that pride ourselves on the quality and experience we bring to the profession.

Quality Materials

Top quality standards require top quality materials.

Health & Safety Assured

Our workforce is fully trained in their profession, and up to date with current health and safety guidelines.

Enhanced Roofing Services is a company that prides itself on its quality and experience. We have an adaptable technique, making use of both traditional and modern methods; meaning whether we are working on heritage work or bespoke new build, we have the skills to ensure you end up with the roof you wanted every time.

We know business is built on reputation and trust which is why for us, “that will do” will never do. We won’t leave the job until we are 100% satisfied that the high standards we adhere to have been met.

We keep ourselves updated with all the latest building regulations, so you can rest assured you'll receive quality, up-to-date advice. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and get a quote today.